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Physicians, Don't borrow trouble, Part III


Joe Horn


Co-written with David Codrea this very official-type "PHYSICIAN OR EDUCATOR QUALIFICATIONS AND LIABILITY" statement for self-appointed "gun consultants" is designed to be filled out and signed BEFORE they counsel patients and school kids about the evils of guns. The form requires them to list such things as firearms training courses they have taken, studies they have conducted and read, and other qualifications before giving advice.

We shouldn't wait until someone offers "professional advice," but walk it into our doctor's office as a proactive strike. I pubished the first and second articles on here on 2AMPD an across the Internet. It reached many, apparently through forwarding and I received many contacts from Doctors and Lawyers about the concept of Risk Management, a very strong concern in both fields, and an area in which I have considerable experience.

In February this year, I was asked by Helen Faria, referred to me by our very own Nancy Herrington, (who had sent the article to Helen) of the American College of Physicians and Surgeons asking me to combine the two part series into one edited article for publishing in the Medical Sentinel. I did, and they published it. See Physicians, Don't Borrow Trouble.

After the AMA president's recent pronouncement (New AMA president takes on gun lobby), David Codrea wrote me and told me he had read my article and then explained his idea for the form, sent me drafts for which I made small suggestions that he incorporated.

After the article was posted to the Internet and into the hands of some key players in the RKBA who began showing it around, it took off. The problem for the anti-self defense and anti lawful ownership people is that the article is grounded in Tort law, Risk management Principles that are irrefutable. The number of attorneys who have written or called me and discussed the subject at length has been considerable and I assure you they are laying in wait for the inevitable.

You can download a copy of the form here: MS WORD or PDF formats. Please provide copies of the form and a copy of the article Physicians, Don't Borrow Trouble to any interested doctor or lawyer! Let them see what the AMA politicos are doing!

Joe Horn, Sixth Mesa Risk Management, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Retired. (c) 2000 Permission is granted to reproduce this article if left intact and complete.   Disclaimer: All comments are the personal opinion of the writer and not intended to represent any government agency, whatsoever.


Joe Horn
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Ret.