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The NAPO Hookers


Joe Horn


We just witnessed the spectacle of Al Gore lying through his teeth, (again) about cop killer bullets, plastic guns and such with a group of NAPO (National Association of Police Officers) uniformed police standing behind him, offering credibility and support with their presence, uniforms and badges while he lied, again, to the American People.

Cops are supposed to remain above politics on the job. When I was out there that you'd get fired if you supported any thing political or otherwise in uniform or endorsed a product or politician and mentioned your status even in civilian clothes. I don't know if that's still the case, but that's still the proper, honest and correct way for a cop to conduct him or herself.

I'd like to see if we can find out what their (NAPO Cops) status was with Gore.....paid or volunteer? On duty or off? If they were off duty, why the uniforms? Highly inappropriate, regardless. Who is NAPO, who do they represent and how many rank and file cops from which jurisdictions do they claim to represent? I never heard of them till now. If they're a union, there should be a disclaimer, and all political support should be offered though PACS and their spokesperson should be a paid civilian union staffmember. If it *is* a union, what did they get from the candidate for letting him use their cops as stage props for his specious Law and Order rant?

I believe the use of uniform cops behind any politician is unethical in the very least. Many people believe that WE ALL support Gore, Clinton, Reno or any other politician and his/her "agenda" because they've seen brothers of the bacon standing there behind him/her. If they were there voluntarily, shame on them for sullying their uniform. If they were ordered to be there, shame on them for having not enough integrity to say no. Cops don't endorse politicians, they enforce law and serve the taxpayers and citizens through maintaining community safety fairly and impartially.

I resent seeing cops, paid by taxdollars, allowing themselves to be used by a politician who is standing there, in front of these NAPO cops, lying about Cop Killer Bullets, which do not exist, plastic guns, which do not exist, generating fear and anger in the public. He is lying to the public with these cops behind him, and their presence indicates honesty, truth and "Force of Law".

If that's not bad enough, at the same time they are participating in PARTISAN politics, and in doing such, are lying to the people whom they serve and who pay their salaries. It also creates intimidation in the minds of citizens who, seeing that this politician has all these uniformed cops standing

behind him, will believe that if they oppose this particular politician, he'll have the cops roust them or"get" them somehow. It truly makes me angry

and is one of the most dishonest, loathsome and offensive practices in American Politics and Law Enforcement. This is why the police should always remain above politics, except for the personal politics of the individual citizen, something I will always be first and foremost.

Anyone that uses their badge and uniform to support any political issue or candidate is what?

Dishonest? Unethical? Amoral?  A whore? What good is accomplished by destroying the idea of IMPARTIALITY and NEUTRALITY of the POLICE in the public's mind? It took years to separate the cops from the politicians in this country.......are we going backwards? Using cops behind politicians is nothing less than corrupt practice.

Joe Horn, Sixth Mesa Risk Management, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Retired. (c) 2000 Permission is granted to reproduce this article if left intact and complete.   Disclaimer: All comments are the personal opinion of the writer and not intended to represent any government agency, whatsoever.


Joe Horn
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Ret.